Youtube mạnh tay chi 1 tỷ USD thâu tóm Twitch

Co giật, services delivery phim truc tuyen (stream) Lĩnh for trò chơi very much Floating tiếng facility will be part of Youtube with the level giá 1 Tỷ USD.

Tham echo "Bá chủ", Youtube powerful tay chi 1 Tỷ USD Thầu TÓM Twitch-1

Co giật as services delivery phim truc tuyen (stream) Lĩnh for trò chơi tiny noi tieng, working under way tích collection Thắng into your play trò chơi PS4 and Xbox Một. Theo reports latest, show Twitch have to ’45 Triệu people and over xem 1 Triệu user name Thượng Xuyên registering upload, chia sẻ video game personal.

Giới parse nhận format, if YouTube is the trang chia sẻ video trực tuyến numbers 1 of substitution giới, you are as Twitch “vua” in Thế giới trò chơi video. Because of váy, if Youtube ownership successfully Twitch will be almost like nothing “exceeded” is Youtube, at least as many years in again.

If such as service MUA BÁN of this community ra successfully, you here is satisfied Thuận Hợp Tác maximum of YouTube since when trang web chia sẻ phim This is it again Google Mua response 2006 for giá Máy 1,65 Tỷ USD.

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