Top 10 Tool cho Developer

  • Post published:11/01/2007
  • Post category:Software


No-IP DUC (Dynamic DNS Update Client)

OS: Windows (all)
License: Free
File Size: 668K
Download: 3,559,436
No-IP Updater is used with’s free DNS service. This client keeps your IP address in sync with a specific DNS host name, provided by This is helpful for users wanting to run a Web/FTP server on their home computer.


ActiveX Control Pad

OS: Windows 95/NT
License: Free
File Size: 2.74MB
Download: 2,938,799
The ActiveX Control Pad is an authoring tool that lets you add ActiveX controls and ActiveX scripting to your HTML pages with point-and-click ease. Using the ActiveX Control Pad, you can easily author pages that include advanced layout and multimedia features–such as exact object placement, object layering, and transparency effects.


Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0

OS: Windows (all)
License: Free
File Size: 15MB
Download: 4,609,242
The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) provides the libraries, the Java Virtual Machine, and other components to run applets and applications written in the Java programming language. In addition, two key deployment technologies are part of the JRE: Java Plug-in, which enables applets to run in popular browsers; and Java Web Start, which deploys standalone applications over a network. This is the official Java Download from Sun Microsystems.


Actual Drawing

OS: Windows (all)
License: Free to try; $59.00 to buy
File Size: 4.79MB
Download: 3,054,070
Actual Drawing is a visual publishing tool that helps you make Web pages without you having to know HTML, allowing you to drag and drop page content. The program has its own image-manipulation tools so you don’t need to use a third-party image editor. Web page content can be drawn with various effects such as glow, shadow, or transparency.


Unique RAR File Library 0.4

OS: Windows (all)
License: Free
File Size: 136.15K
Download: 1,084,529
The Unique RAR File Library is a platform-independent, small, and fast static library for decompressing RAR files (RAR archives are created with WinRAR 2.9). It has full RAR 2.0 file format support of all compression methods, including multimedia compression; and listing and encoding is available without any DLL. It is designed to be used in games, demos, intros, and cross-platform applications (written in ANSI C, it supports multiple operating systems such as Win32, WinCE, Linux, Unix, SunOS, OS/2, and so on).


Macromedia Dreamweaver

OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
License: Free to try; $399.00 to buy
File Size: 62.8MB
Download: 3,110,913
Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 is the industry-leading web development tool, enabling users to efficiently design, develop and maintain standards-based websites and applications. With Dreamweaver 8, web developers go from start to finish, creating and maintaining basic websites to advanced applications that support best practices and the latest technologies.


Hex Workshop

OS: Windows (all)
License: Free to try; $49.95 to buy
File Size: 3.65MB
Download: 1,630,788
The Hex Workshop Hex Editor is a set of hexadecimal development tools for Microsoft Windows, combining advanced binary editing with the ease and flexibility of a word processor. With Hex Workshop you can edit, cut, copy, paste, insert, and delete hex, print customizable hex dumps, and export to RTF or HTML for publishing. Additionally, you can find, replace, compare, add smart bookmarks, and generate character distributions within a sector or file. Hex Workshop supports drag-and-drop and is integrated with the Windows operating system so you can quickly and easily hex edit from your most frequently used workspaces. The Data Inspector is perfect for interpreting, viewing, and editing decimal and binary values. An Integrated Structure Viewer allows you to view and edit data in the most intuitive and convenient way.


XNA Game Studio Express

OS: Windows XP
License: Free
File Size: 81.11MB
Download: 7,448
XNA Game Studio Express enables hobbyists, academics, and small, independent game developers to easily create video games for Windows and the Xbox 360 console using new, optimized cross-platform gaming libraries based on .NET. This official release enables the creation of games for Windows XP SP2-based PCs. Combined with an active membership in the XNA Creators Club (available from Xbox Live Marketplace), you can also create, debug, and play games on your Xbox 360 console.


Web Page Maker

OS: Windows 95/98/2000/XP/2003 Server
License: Free to try; $49.00 to buy
File Size: 3.29MB
Download: 799,945
Web Page Maker is an easy-to-use web page design tool that allows you to create and upload a professional Web page in minutes without having to know HTML. Simply add text, images, photos, animation, navigation bar, flash, buttons, logos, and more onto web page and move them freely. It offers several pre-designed templates, so you can create a new Web page from them.


Movie Player Pro ActiveX Control

OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
License: Free to try; $150.00 to buy
File Size: 2.1MB
Download: 205,570
Powerful media player activex. Supports Mov, M4a, Mp4, 3gp, Avi, Wmv (window media video), asf, RM (need rm decoder), MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (need decoder), ASF, WAV, MP3, MID File formats. (not support AAC, AMR audio stream) Bulit in mov,mp4,3gp decoder.(not support AAC, AMR audio stream) Overlay text and bitmap on video in same time. Multi-Line Scrolling text on video. Video Mixing, you can mixing multiple video and playback in same time. User define alpha channel, the area of video layer. Allow change the audio pitch to male, female, child voices. Useful for karaoke software. Allow change the audio tempo to speed up or slow down the song. Overlay text on video. User define scrolling type, alpha value, font size, font name, text color, background color, transparent color. Overlay image on video. User define scrolling type, alpha value, transparent color. Audio channel selection.( both, left, right channel). Custom define cursor on video.