Lập trình ASP

Dùng thẻ Div hiển thị popupwindow

<% If Trim(Flag) = “S” then
Response.Write(“<script>fnpopup(‘pop’,”,’show’);</ script>”)
End if

<script language=javascript>
function fnpopup()
var args=fnpopup.arguments
var n=args[0]
var x=document.getElementById(n)
var v=args[2];
var d=args[1]
if (x.style)
x=x.style; v=(v==’show’)?’visible’:(v=’hide’)?’hidden’:v;

<DIV id=’pop’ align=center style=”OVERFLOW-Y:” style=”top: 100px;left=310px; POSITION: absolute; WIDTH: 350px;height: 100px;VISIBILITY: hidden; Z-INDEX: 3″>
‘code to be displayed in PopUp