Lịch thi học viên tháng 10/2012

Exam codeDateStart
LocationLớpKỳ họcKỳ thi
2802-Oct-201213:3014:15Class 2T1204ISem 1Test T4: HDJ & DW Theory
2812-Oct-20129:3011:30Lab 1A1009Hsem 3Test T2: Windows Forms

with C# Practical

3542-Oct-201219:4520:30Class 3N1112MACNATest T6: ISA Theory
2843-Oct-201213:30HVHV-K2sem 2ACS Practical ( lần 4)
2853-Oct-201215:30HVHV-K2sem 2ACS Theory ( lần 4
2864-Oct-201213:3015:30Lab 1T1204ISem 1Test T5: HDJ&DW Practical
2874-Oct-20129:3010:15Class 1T1207Hsem 1Test T2: EPC Theory
2884-Oct-201208:00HVHV-K3sem 2XML Theory ( lần 1)
2905-Oct-20128:3011:30Class2EntryThi đầu vào
282A5-Oct-201217:4518:30Class 3R1207LACNATest T4: W2K3I Theory
2926-Oct-20129:3011:30Lab 1T1207Hsem 1Test T3: EPC Practical
2936-Oct-201219:4520:30Lab 1C0908Msem 4Test T6: XMJ&DWSJ Theory
3556-Oct-201213:30Lab ACNAN1112MACNATest T7: ISA Practical
2968-Oct-201213:30Lab 1RetakeACCPLý thuyết HNA
291A8-Oct-201213:30Lab ACNAR1207LACNATest T5: W2K3I Practical
29910-Oct-201215:4516:30Lab 1C1106Ksem 2Test T8: Programming

in C# Theory

30010-Oct-201219:4520:30Lab 1C0908Msem 4Test T7: XMJ & DWSJ Practical
30110-Oct-201213:30HVHV-K2sem 3Winform practical (lần 4)
30210-Oct-201215:30HVHV-K2sem 3Winform Theory (lần 4)
30310-Oct-201213:30Lab 1RetakeACCPCác môn thực hành C, HDJ
30511-Oct-201208:00HVC1001QGsem 4WPSJ Theory
30611-Oct-201209:00HVC1002QGsem 4WPSJ Theory
30711-Oct-201210:00HVC1003QHsem 4WPSJ Theory
31411-Oct-20129:3010:15Class 1T1208Hsem 1Test T1: CF Theory
30812-Oct-201215:4517:45Lab 1C1106Ksem 2Test T9: Programming

in C# Practical

30912-Oct-201208:00HVC1003QHsem 4WPSJ Practical
31012-Oct-201210:00HVC1001QGsem 4WPSJ Practical
31112-Oct-201214:00HVC1002QGsem 4WPSJ Practical
29413-Oct-201207:30Class 1C1010Gsem 3eProject sem 3
31513-Oct-201215:45Lab 1RetakeACCPCác môn thực hành Java
31615-Oct-20128:3011:30Class2EntryThi đầu vào
31715-Oct-201207:30Lab 1RetakeACCPCác môn thực hành SQL
283A15-Oct-201215:4516:30Lab 1C1106Ksem 2Test T6: Distributed Computing

in Java Theory

31816-Oct-201219:4520:30Lab 1C1004Msem 3Test T5: Advanced Features

of ASP.net Theory

297A16-Oct-201217:4518:30Class 3N1205LACNATest T4: W2K3I Theory
32117-Oct-201208:00HVHV-K3sem 1EPC Pratical
32217-Oct-201213:30HVHV-K2sem 3ASPN Practical ( lần 3)
32317-Oct-201215:30HVHV-K2sem 3ASPN Theory (lần 3)
32417-Oct-201213:30Lab 1RetakeACCPCác môn thực hành .Net
35717-Oct-201219:4520:30Lab 1A1205MSem 1Test T1: Win 7 Theory
289A17-Oct-201215:4516:30Lab 1C1106Ksem 2Test T7: Database and Security

in Java Theory

298A17-Oct-201219:4520:30Lab 1A1103Msem 2Test T6: Distributed Computing

in Java Theory

304A18-Oct-201213:3015:30Lab ACNAN1205LACNATest T5: W2K3I Practical
32519-Oct-201219:4521:45Lab 1C1004Msem 3Test T6: Advanced Features

of ASP.net  Practical

35819-Oct-201215:4516:30Class 2R1208KACNATest T1: CIT Theory
295A19-Oct-201215:4517:45Lab 1C1106Ksem 2Test T11: Distributed Computing

in Java Practical

31220-Oct-201217:4518:30Lab 1A1005Lsem 3Test T7: Programming Web Services

in .NET + AFSS Theory

32720-Oct-201207:30Class 1C0912Hsem 4eProject sem 4
32820-Oct-201207:30Lab 1RetakeACCPLý thuyết India i7.1
313A20-Oct-201219:4520:30Lab 1A1103Msem 2Test T7: Database and Security

in Java Theory

32922-Oct-201217:4518:30Class 3R1207LACNATest T6: ISA Theory
31924-Oct-201217:4519:45Lab 1A1005Lsem 3TEST T8: Programming Web Services

in .NET + AFSS  Practical

33124-Oct-201215:45Lab 1RetakeACCPCác môn thực hành C, HDJ, SQL
320A24-Oct-201219:4521:45Lab 1A1103Msem 2Test T11: Distributed Computing

in Java Practical

33225-Oct-201213:30Lab ACNAR1207LACNATest T7: ISA Practical
33425-Oct-201208:00HVHV-K3sem 1HDJ&DW Practical (lần 2)
33525-Oct-201210:00HVHV-K3sem 1HDJ&DW Theory (lần 2)
33625-Oct-20128:3011:30Class2EntryThi đầu vào
33725-Oct-201217:45Lab 1RetakeACCPJava &.Net Practical
33326-Oct-201219:4520:30A1205Msem 1Test T2: EPC Theory
33826-Oct-201213:30HVHV-K2sem 2PCS Practical ( lần 5)
33926-Oct-201215:30HVHV-K2sem 2PCS Theory ( lần 5)
34026-Oct-201215:30HVHV-K2sem 2XML Theory
34126-Oct-201213:30Lab 1RetakeACCPLý thuyết HNA, ACNA Theory
34227-Oct-201213:00Class 1A0909Msem 4eProject sem 4
34327-Oct-201219NTHV-K2Bảo vệ ĐA sem 1,2
34427-Oct-201213:30Lab ACNARetakeACNAACNA Practical
32629-Oct-201217:4518:30Lab 1C1101LSem 2Test T6: Distributed Computing

in Java Theory

34529-Oct-201219:4521:45A1205Msem 1Test T3: EPC Practical
34630-Oct-201208:00HVHV-K3sem 1RDBMS Practical (lần 3)
34730-Oct-201210:00HVHV-K3sem 1RDBMS Theory (lần 3)
34830-Oct-201207:30Lab 1RetakeACCPLý thuyết India i7.1
35630-Oct-201219:4520:30Class 3N1112MACNATest T8: Linux Theory
35930-Oct-201217:4518:30Lab 2C1109Lsem 2TEST T1: XML Theory
33031-Oct-201217:4519:45Lab 1C1101LSem 2Test T7: Distributed Computing

in Java Practical

34931-Oct-201213:3014:15Class 2T1204ISem 1Test English
35031-Oct-201208:00HVC1002QGsem 4WASJ Theory
35131-Oct-201209:00HVC1003QHsem 4WASJ Theory
35231-Oct-201210:00HVC1001QGsem 4WASJ Theory
35331-Oct-201213:30RetakeACCPJava &.Net Practical