Website Traffic Statistics

If you want to know who visits your website, what other websites referred them, what country they are from, etc then continue reading this article. This information may interest you just for curiosity or because it’s important to develop your business or project. It’s very difficult to take right decisions if you don’t have complete information.

When visitors arrive at your website, what are they doing? Are your potential customers discarding your site just seconds after their arrival? If you are confused because you do not know what your visitors are doing, or why, then how could you create a good strategy to offer your visitors a better experience on your website?

There are many companies that offer hit counter and web site traffic statistics services on the Internet. Some of them are free, some of them are paid. Some of them are very simple and provide you with minimal information, some of them provide in depth information about your website visitors. provides the most comprehensive Website traffic reports and tracking statistics to measure the performance of your website as well as the effectiveness of the search engine marketing (SEM) efforts. The web site visitor tracking report gives you a detailed overview of your unique visitors, returning visitors, source of your visitors, and the popular search engines. Real time reports identify the top performing Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign.

Some features you may require for your site are:

Pay-per-click results : You can get Pay-per-click results and conversions on your campaigns. This includes analysis of conversions by search phrase and search engine. Also, you can import PPC data from your Search Engine campaigns and compare them.

Internet traffic: You can get an overview of the Internet traffic. It’s a simple snapshot of some of your other reports, presented in an easy to view format.

Time Spent By Visitors: You can see the average and specific time visitors spend on your site. Determine and analyze the exact paths your visitors are following. Determine the time spent by specific search phrases of your visitors, both unique and returning visitors.

Page views per day: You can determine your single most active page. Review the total number of page views per day as well as average page views by both returning and unique visitors. See which of your files are being downloaded most often.

Tracking web site visitors : Review your last visitor details by either a) Page views b) Time spent or c) Most current visitors.

This report provides you with an easy trail to follow. In essence, it shows you how people are navigating your site. See the trend of both your unique and returning visitors.

Demographics: What country, state and city are your visitors coming from? What language do they speak? This can be important information if you are trying to target geographically or globally.

Unique visitors and page loads: More page loads per visitor means your visitors are more interested in your website, but may also imply they are looking for something and they are not able to find it on your website.

Referring URLs: Know what other web sites are driving traffic to your website. Search engine statistics and keywords used.

Popular pages: What are the most visited pages on your web site, and which ones nobody sees. Most active countries, browser used by the visitor, screen resolution, operating system, etc.

Your web site traffic statistics are extremely valuable information for your business. You will be able to make decisions on improving your site through the information they give you. Observing your visitors’ behavior will help you address the issues they are having with your website.

All these features are available at