Tips To Create Good Domain Name

Domain is an identity for a website. Each website has its own domain name. The function is similar to fingerprint as identity for human. The tips to create good domain name are memorable, short, dot com, global, nice sound, hyphen free, repeated alphabets, descriptive, keyword and brand.

Good domain name must be memorable. It shall go automatically to visitors mind. They accidentally easy to memorize the domain name. It will attract more unique visitors to the website. The domain name must be unique and different from others.

Good domain name must be short in spelling. It shall not be more than ten alphabets. It is easier to be memorized and spelt. Short in spelling can reduce the possibility of spelling mistakes. Visitors are always like to type the short name.

Good domain name normally with suffix dot com. Dot com is more popular and familiar. Most visitors tend to assume and write suffix dot com when they forget the actual suffix. Person who want to buy domain name also normally prefer to choose dot com as first choice.

Good domain name shall be a global name. It can be accepted by visitors from different countries, races and religions. Global name seems more elegant and attract more visitors. Global name can be generic or unique domain name.

Good domain name must be nice sound. It is easy in pronunciation. Easy pronunciation will easy to memorize and to spell. Visitors tend to appreciate more on the nice sound domain name. Most famous domain names are nice to be heard and pronounced.

Good domain name shall containing alphabets only. It shall not contain hyphen and number. Containing hyphen seems the name impression is not good. The domain name also can be spelt wrongly because the pronunciation and spelling is different.

Good domain name normally containing repeated alphabets. Repeated alphabets will bring nice sound. Nice sound means more memorable. Most popular website use this tips for their domain name. Their website sounds are nice and famous.

Good domain name must descriptive. It shall be reflective to the website activity. Visitors able to know immediately the website activity by just see the domain name. Use opposite domain name will cause real visitors will not reach the website.

Good domain name shall containing keyword respective to the website activity. Combination keywords can be used. The important things are the sound must be nice to be heard and memorized. Good combination keywords become unique domain name.

Good domain name shall be able to be branded name. Most branded domain name now started from unbranded domain name status previously. Create new branded name to be different from exist trademarks. Generic name can be customized to be unique domain name.

There is challenge to meet all above tips. Use our head and heart to create good and creative domain name. Get the domain name immediately before others get it. Trust and confident in our intuition. We must love our domain names. Then we will do better for our website.