Tattoo Composition

Step 1

Create a new document in Adobe Photoshop with a white background. Type a letter in center of your document with a nice font like “Colonna MT” 200 pixels:

image 1

Step 2

Type another “S”, this time with “French Script MT” font type and 150 pixels size, and place it in this position:

image 1

Step 3

Duplicate the layer which contains the second “S” (select the layer in the Layers Tab and choose Duplicate Layer), flip it horizontally and then vertically, and move it in a new position like in the next picture (to flip the layer horizontal select Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal, and to flip the layer vertically choose Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical):

image 1

Step 4

Link the layers in the Layers Tab, but do not link the layer “background”:

image 4

Step 5

Type another letter with the same font. Type a “D” and “Rasterize” the layer by right clicking and selecting Rasterize Layer in the Layers Tab:

image 5

Step 6

With a “Hard Rounded Brush 19 Pixels” delete an area like here and move the layer in this position:

image 6

Step 7

Duplicate the layer and move it like here:

image 7

Step 8

Duplicate the layer again and delete an area like here:

image 8

and move it in this position:

image 9

Step 9

With a little bit attention to the details you can obtain a result much better then mine:

Tattoo Composition Tutorial: Final Result

Place your work on a model and see the result:

image 11